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What are the advantages of becoming a Flower Rewards member?
As a member, you will be rewarded for every purchase you make through the Citti's Florist Website. For every dollar you spend, you will receive 1 point. When your points total 250, you'll be emailed a $20 off promo code toward your next purchase. Keep this email because certificates are not able to be replaced. The promo codes are for one-time use and are valid for 90 days.

Is there a fee for the membership?
Flower Rewards is free to all members. There are no sign up or monthly fees.

How do I earn points?
You can earn points for orders placed online only. While you are placing an order online, please create an account or login to your existing account to receive your points. For every dollar you spend on products and add-ons you will earn a point. The service fees, discounts and taxes do not qualify for points.

How do I check my points balance?
Sign into your account and click on the Flower Rewards link to view your points balance.

What emails will I be receiving?

A welcome email to acknowledge your membership. Promo code emails which will be sent to you once you reach 250 points.

Do I get points for flowers purchased prior to membership?
Points are awarded for purchases made after you become a member. Sign up today and start earning points and get free points for signing up!

Why wasn't my last order reflected in my points balance?
The points balance, points history and promotion history in your account may take up to 48 hours to be updated.

How do I get my promo code?
Once you reach 250 points, within 10 days your promo code will be emailed to you to use towards your next purchase. Do not lose the email because promo codes are only given once.

Why haven't I received my promo code?
It may take up to 10 days to receive the email with your promo code. Please check the bulk or junk mail folder in your email account to see if your code was sent there.

Why doesn't my promo code work?
The promo codes are for one-time use and are valid for 90 days. Please check the start date and status of your promo code under the promotion history. Certificates with Promo codes can only be used on-line and certificates will not be replaced.